Canute Braille E-Reader


Canute is the World’s First Multi-line Digital Braille E-Reader!

Canute is the first multi-line braille e-reader, which enables the reader to consume more information, as well as enjoy a more enriching reading experience when compared to the standard 1 or 2 line braille displays currently available.  The relatively small size allows the Canute to be either stationary on a desktop, or portable enough to go with you to work or school.

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Canute Braille E-Reader feature list:

  • Reads BRF (Braille Ready Files) and PEF (Portable Embosser File)
  • 360 cells: nine lines of forty characters of braille
  • Supports all six-dot braille codes (including music, maths and all languages) and tactile graphics
  • Dimensions: 14.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″ (37cm x 19cm x 4cm), 6 pounds, (2.8KG)
  • 2x USB A; 1x USB A; SD Card slot; 3.5mm audio out
  • 3 page navigation buttons
  • 9 line select keys
  • Contextual help button

Braille cells

  • 2mm dot diameter.
  • Dot profile a perfect dome.
  • 5mm dot-to-dot within cells.
  • 5mm cell-to-cell, from center of dot one to center of dot one.
  • 5mm line-to-line, from center of dot one to center of dot one.
  • Dots are hard plastic, like signage braille, and therefore cannot be compressed like ordinary refreshable braille.

Reading area

  • 40 cells per lines, 9 lines = 360 cells of braille. This makes the reading area compatible with preformatted BRF and PEF pages with the standard 25–27 lines, which it splits into three sub pages.
  • Reading surface a single plastic sheet with a paper-like feeling.
  • Reading surface is a slot-board, rather than a pin-board as used in refreshable braille displays, meaning two small 2mm by 8mm slots for every cell, as opposed to six 2mm diameter holes for every cell.

Input and ports

  • A total of buttons along the left-hand side;
  • Besides the nine lines of braille these buttons are marked between 1–9, acting as selection buttons which correspond with menu items on each line.
  • Below the ninth line is a button marked ‘0’. In combination with the buttons above this allows for page selection by page number.
  • Above the first line is a button marked ‘h’ for contextual help.

**Please note that the Canute comes with a power supply and must be plugged in to be operational.  It also requires a SD card, which is not included.**