About American Thermoform

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American Thermoform Corporation (ATC) was founded in 1962 with the introduction of a revolutionary product – the Thermoform 55 Brailon Duplicator. The Brailon Duplicator and its specially formulated plastic-like sheeting material (Brailon) allowed users to create multiple copies of Braille in a remarkably quick manner. Prior to the introduction of this product, Braille documents were produced one sheet at a time using a Perkins Brailler or Slate and Stylus.

The Brailon Duplicator was distributed worldwide, and customers realized it could be used for more than just Braille reproduction; it could be used to produce durable tactile graphics, too. Braille textbooks and reading materials became available at a low cost to the blind and visually impaired community across the world. With upgrades over the years, the Brailon Duplicator remains the most reliable, cost effective way to produce both copies and originals of Braille and tactile graphics.

As high tech, computer-based Braille Embossers (Printers) were introduced, ATC kept up with these changing times. We developed a specialized paper and plastic labeling material that could enhance this new technology. We continue to offer the highest quality and affordably priced Braille Paper and Braille Labels, and are the largest producer of both products. In 2014, American Thermoform Corporation established BraillePaper.com, which is a site solely devoted to Braille Paper and what sets ours apart. Please visit http://www.braillepaper.com to view detailed information on our Braille Paper.

In addition to the consumables side of the Braille business, ATC is also the parent company of Braillo Norway.  Braillo is the manufacturer of the finest production/commercial Braille embossers in the industry. ATC sells, supports and maintains these machines across North America, and Braillo has dedicated distributors throughout the world.  Please visit https://www.braillo.com to learn more about Braillo and what separates them from others in the industry.

Realizing the importance of tactile graphics in an educational setting, ATC wanted to provide customers with a complementary product to our Brailon Duplicator. We proudly represent Zychem – the leading manufacturer of Swell Form Graphics machines and Swell Touch paper, a system that opened up a new world of tactile teaching materials for the blind and visually impaired.

Since 1962, ATC has pursued one primary goal: to develop and provide quality, affordable products to enrich the lives of the blind and visually impaired. This remains ATC’s goal today and for the future.