American Thermoform Family of Companies


Products and solutions that support the blind and visually impaired community.

The American Thermoform Corporation family of companies strive to develop and manufacture products that enable the growth, education, inclusivity and independence of the blind and visually impaired.

American Thermoform - Braille Paper and Printers

Quality braille and tactile graphics products

Established in 1962, American Thermoform is not only the parent company of Braillo Norway and Zychem Limited, but is also a leading manufacturer and distributor of braille products and supplies. The focus of American Thermoform has always been on the production of braille and tactile graphics, and ensuring that blind readers have access to quality materials and inclusive education.

Braillo Braille Embossers

Industry leading production braille embossers

Established in 1980, Braillo manufacturers the world's leading production braille embossers. Organizations in more than 90 countries rely upon Braillo braille embossers, or braille printers, to provide superior braille to readers of all ages.