American Thermoform Family of Companies

The American Thermoform Family of Companies

American Thermoform Corporation is the pioneering parent company of both Braillo Norway and Zychem Limited, each of which uniquely offers products and solutions to enhance the lives of the blind and visually impaired community. This synergy of expertise and innovation has established a comprehensive ecosystem dedicated to supporting braille literacy across the globe.

American Thermoform:

Founded in 1962, American Thermoform Corporation (ATC) revolutionized braille production with the Thermoform 55 Brailon Duplicator, which enabled quick braille duplication and the ability to create durable tactile graphics. As technology advanced, so did American Thermoform. Today, ATC is a leading manufacturer and distributor of braille embossers, tactile graphics equipment, high-quality braille paper, braille labels and more. Focusing primarily on braille and tactile graphic production, ATC has, and will continue to be, a global leader in this field.

Braillo Norway:

Braillo, established in 1980, marked a significant milestone in braille technology by introducing the world’s first double-sided (interpoint) braille embosser, the Braillo 270. This innovation set the stage for a series of advancements, culminating in the current S2 series of embossers, which have revolutionized braille book production with their speed, reliability, and capacity for on-demand publishing.  Braillo embossers are used worldwide and are recognized as the industry’s best in braille production. 

Zychem Limited:

Zychem was established in 1991 with the development of the revolutionary Swell Form machine and Swell Touch paper, which made production of on-demand tactile graphics for the blind and visually impaired possible. Zychem products enrich and enhance the products of American Thermoform and Braillo, ensuring that alongside high-quality braille embossers and supplies, customers have access to superior tactile graphics equipment, as well.

A Unified Mission:

The collective strength of American Thermoform, Braillo and Zychem lies not only in their individual contributions and products, but in their shared commitment to advancing braille accessibility, literacy and inclusive education. Together, they have set unparalleled standards in the industry, ensuring that visually impaired individuals around the world have access to high-quality braille and tactile graphics materials. This integrated approach has allowed these three companies to serve as an industry leading, trusted, one-stop solution for braille production facilities and customers worldwide.

Looking Forward:

As these companies move forward under the American Thermoform umbrella, their collective mission remains focused on innovation, quality and service. Their commitment to developing new products, and improving existing solutions, ensures that the blind and visually impaired community will continue to have access to the best possible tools for education, literacy and independence.

American Thermoform, Braillo and Zychem have created a whole that is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. This powerful alliance stands at the forefront of accessibility technology, continuously striving to make a difference in the lives of those they serve. Together, they envision a world where every individual has the resources they need in order to reach their full potential, regardless of visual impairments.