Swell Form Pro Machine

Price: $12,000

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The Swell Form Pro machine has revolutionized the process of creating superior tactile graphics at production-level speeds.  The Swell Form Pro is designed to meet the evolving needs of customers that produce large quantities of tactile graphics, and need to do so quickly.  At up to 7 times faster than our standard Swell Form machine (speeds of up to 35 pages per minute), the Pro helps to eliminate the bottleneck of heavy tactile graphic production.


SKU: M8/S-0300


How does it work?

Zychem has developed special Swell Touch paper that reacts to black ink and heat. Once the desired image is onto the Swell Touch paper (or, swell paper, capsule paper, microcapsule paper, flexi paper), run this paper through the Swell Form Pro machine. As it goes through this machine, the heat reacts with the black ink (only the black ink, no colors) and causes it to “swell” or puff up, creating the tactile image. The rest of the paper and any colors, will remain flat.   Instead of using a printer or copier, a user can also draw directly onto this paper using a special black marker. The process is the exact same – as soon as it goes through the machine and reacts with the heat, the black ink will “swell”.

Free pre-made tactile diagrams can be downloaded at the tactilelibrary.com.

Superior tactile graphics faster than ever before

Turn on the Swell Form Pro machine, set your speed setting, and it is ready to process your tactile graphics immediately. Print, copy or draw graphics onto the Swell Touch paper and place it on the conveyer belt with the image or graphic facing up.  With the Swell Form Pro, you can place up to two sheets of Swell Touch on the conveyor belt at the same time, and then continue to manually feed sheets onto it one after the other.  The conveyer belt will feed the sheets under the heating system and drop them into the collection tray. Completed graphics are ready to be touched seconds after they have been completed.

The black elements of the graphics will swell, and the colors will not. Play with colors, textures, patterns and more to create stunning tactile graphics.

Built with braille production facilities and publishers in mind

The Swell Form Pro machine is specifically built for those needing to create stunning Swell Touch tactile graphics at speed.  The speed control ensures tactile graphics can be processed without overheating. The heavy duty fans keep the machine cool, and ensures the Swell Touch paper exiting the machine can be handled instantly once removed from the collection tray. Auto shut off features ensure that the machine doesn’t get jammed and that paper is fed properly.

Tech Specs


  • Voltage: 220V – 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 2100W max, 250V fuse


  • Height: 38” / 96cm
  • Width: 30” / 75cm
  • Length: 40” / 100cm
  • Weight: 105 pounds / 48kg


Standard Warranty

This product comes with a 3 year warranty on parts

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