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American Thermoform Corporation provides top quality A4 – plain, cut sheet (single sheet) braille paper that is recognized and used worldwide by government agencies, educators, transcribers, individuals and many more.

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Why choose ATC for your braille paper needs?

American Thermoform Corporation has produced braille paper since 1988. We are the only manufacturer of braille paper who is actually in the braille business. We teamed up with paper specialists and developed a paper made specifically for us, to be used in today’s standard continuous form braille embossers. ATC is the largest distributor of production braille embossers in North America and we know exactly what type of paper works best. Using the wrong paper and “odd-lots,” which many of our competitors use, can cause serious damage to your braille embosser. Additionally, our paper is created at a single mill, ensuring consistency in color and texture from order to order.

What are the standard formats?

American Thermoform Corporation offers braille paper in three different formats – continuous (tractor feed/fanfold), cut sheet and rolls.

The standard U.S. finished braille paper sizes (once you tear off the tractor feed edges) are 8.5×11” and 11×11.5”. We offer all sizes in plain, 19 hole or spiral pre-punched formats. The 19 holes and spirals are punched on the left hand side and are to be used with standard binding rings. Should you need special sizing (index cards, calendars, European, etc) we are able to produce it in-house with extremely fast turn-around times.

Cut Sheet
We carry cut sheet braille paper in 8.5×11”, 11×11.5″, A4 or any custom size and format that you may need. Please contact us for special cut sheet sizes and formats.

We ship our braille paper rolls across the world and can accommodate whichever size your machine requires. Standard roll sizes have a width of 8.5″, 9.5”, 11.5″ and 12.5”. Should you need a different size, please contact us and we will gladly make it for you.

Top things to consider when purchasing braille paper:

Quality of the paper. We offer an acid free and dust free paper, which is manufactured from a single mill. By doing so, we are able to offer the finest quality and consistent paper available.

Weight of the paper. Paper that is too thin will cause holes in your braille dots when brailled. If the paper is too thick, it could damage your embosser. ATC uses an ideal paper weight that has been specially designed and formulated for us.

The finished product. It is important to have clean tractor feed holes to prevent problems going through the embosser, as well as clean perforated edges for sheeting purposes.  The holes on our 19 Hole and spiral format are completely punched out to ensure proper binding. Lastly, ATC has strict paper packaging guidelines to prevent folding and damage during shipment.

Shipping & turnaround time. ATC uses specially designed, triple-walled cardboard boxes, to help prevent damage to the product during shipment. To ensure that your paper is shipped in a timely manner, we keep all braille paper sizes in stock. We ship orders the same business day they are received. Our shipments can be made via US Mail, UPS, or your preferred provider. For those that are qualified under US Postal Services regulations, we can ship via Free Matter for the Blind.


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Braill Paper Free Matter Shipping

According to E040 of the United States Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual: The ‘matter’ purchased must be for the use for writing by, or designed or adapted for use of a blind person, or other handicapped person.  Publication 347 from the United States Postal Service also outlines the qualifications required for those to be eligible to receive Free Matter shipments.  By instructing American Theroform to ship your goods via Free Matter, you are certifying that you have read these documents, that you comply with these restrictions and are therefore eligible for Free Matter shipping.

Braille Paper, Brailon, Braille Labeling and Swell Touch are the only American Thermoform products that can be shipped Free Matter For The Blind for those entitled, using the U.S. Postal Service. The shipping times using this method vary depending on your geographical location. If faster delivery is required, we can ship using commercial shipping services, such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL (UPS rates are available on our website, however please contact us should you wish to use a different carrier).  For large orders, please contact us about palletizing, Air Freight and/or Sea Freight options.

Please Note:  All goods are shipped F.O.B. La Verne, CA., U.S.A. Therefore, once these materials leave ATC’s facility, they are the customers’ property, and ATC must be compensated for the items shipped, regardless of the condition in which they are received. While Free Matter Shipping issues rarely arise, ATC is not held liable for items damaged or lost in transit.  While we will help in every way possible, problems or issues relating to Free Matter Shipping will likely need to be handled directly with the U.S. Post Office.

In order to use Free Matter Shipping you MUST select the product option WITH Free Matter Shipping in the selection menu above.  By choosing to purchase via Free Matter, you accept and agree to these terms. Please contact us before you purchase these items should you have any questions.