Is It Hard To Learn Braille?

Is it hard to learn braille?

Learning braille is very similar to learning a second language. Since braille is a tactile system of language reading braille means you must touch and translate what you feel. Braille comes in two core formats Grade 1 braille, and is made up of the 26 letters of the Roman or Latin alphabet. Grade 2 braille is more complex. It includes the 26 letters of the alphabet as well as contractions and punctuation. Therefore, in order to learn how to read and write braille efficiently, you will need to master your sense of touch and be able to translate the braille dots you are feeling. Learning braille is well worth it to many visually impaired, as studies show that those who have the opportunity to learn braille attain better literacy, receive a better education, and have increased employment opportunities when compared to those that don’t.