Brailon Thermoform Paper

Create Highly Durable Braille Documents and Tactile Graphics with Brailon

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American Thermoform - Brailon®

Brailon® Thermoform Paper is a plastic-like paper developed specifically for use with Thermoform machines. It has a slightly matte surface, is non-toxic, moisture-proof, is cleanable and classroom safe. Two formats of Brailon® are available – Regular and Heavy.


Regular is primarily used to copy braille text and basic tactile graphics.


Heavy is used for copying of braille diagrams and text, or where extra durability is required.


Brailon® is the most efficient, realistic and highest quality way to re-create graphics and tactile documents. Not only is it reliable and durable, but also it is an extremely inexpensive to create exact duplicates and diagrams. It has been the industry standard for 50 years and the use of non-Brailon® materials with Thermoform machines may be hazardous and dangerous.


Brailon® is available in Plain, 19 Hole or 3 Hole punched formats. We offer numerous sizes in both US and Metric measurements. Should you need custom sizes, please contact us, as we will be happy to fit your needs. All sizes are in stock and available for same day shipment!


Benefits of Brailon® Thermoform Paper

  • Emboss long-lasting braille 
  • Incredible durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Duplicate braille documents & tactile graphics
  • Create unique tactile graphics
  • Non-toxic


Brailon® is Safe To Clean With Many Household Cleaners

Brailon® is a plastic-like material that can be cleaned with many non-bleach cleaners such as Lysol disinfectant spray or wipes, Windex, 409 (no bleach formula), etc. Regular cleaning can reduce the growth and transmission of germs.

Do not use any cleaners that contain bleaches, acids or coarse materials like Comet, as these will damage your Brailon® sheets. If you are not certain test on a small portion of your Brailon® sheet first, or call us and we would be happy to test for you.

American Thermoform - Thermoform Machines

To this day, the Thermoform Machine is the most accurate way to reproduce braille text and tactile graphics. Safe and easy to use, our Thermoform machines allows you create durable and inexpensive teaching aids and braille copies from a single master using Brailon®.

The Thermoform Machine is extremely easy to use – simply place your master copy or mold onto the machine, then place a sheet of our special plastic material, Brailon®, on top of it and close the clamp. Once the clamp has been engaged, slide the heating element to the front (covering the master) and wait a few seconds. After this short period, you will be notified that the copy has been made and it’s time to slide the heating element back. Disengage the clamp and remove the Brailon® copy. The entire process takes just a matter of seconds and you’ll have a stunning reproduction of your master copy.


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