American Thermoform & Braillo Business Services

Looking to establish, or expand, a braille transcription & printing business?  Want to learn more about which production embosser fits your needs?  Or how to set up your facility? When you work with American Thermoform, you get to leverage our 30+ years of braille embosser experience. Regardless of what stage you are at, we will help you achieve success.

Braillo 300 S2

Braillo 300 S2 Production Braille Printer Center View

Braillo 450 S2

Braillo 450 S2 Braille Embosser Center View

Braillo 600 S2

Braillo 600 S2 Braille Printer Center View

Braillo 600 SR2

Braillo 600SR2 Braille Printer

Braillo 650 SW2

Braillo 650 SF2

Braillo 650SF Braille Printer

American Thermoform has over 30 years of hands on experience in selling and servicing braille embossers, and we work with some of the largest braille production facilities in the world. One important aspect to our business has been our ability to help customers identify the exact embossers that will meet their short, and long term, goals.   More importantly, we can help customers understand, and plan for, the nuances associated with operating a braille printing business or department.  From school districts and colleges, to smaller braille transcribers, to government institutions, we have helped define equipment specifications, developed physical setup designs, provided operations recommendations, as well as how to establish a supply chain to keep their businesses running.  We have the intimate experience necessary to help your business achieve the highest return on investment, as well as long term performance.

Leverage American Thermoform’s Experience

When you purchase Braillo braille embossers and supplies from American Thermoform, you also receive our world class startup services, entirely free. It is widely known that Braillo will always deliver the best ROI, but that is only one part of your operations – we make our team available to you to ensure your entire operation is planned, reviewed, setup and running with the industry’s best practices.  We have been in business since 1962 and have been selling embossers since 1988 – we have a wealth of knowledge and we would love to share it!

Our Braille Printing Success Service Includes:

  • Review your business model
  • Provide braille embosser recommendations
  • Provide ROI projections
  • Provide logistics recommendations
  • Provide physical setup recommendations
  • Provide consumables recommendations
  • Provide safety best practices
  • Provide digital marketing analysis
  • Provide a list of trusted (and accurate) references
  • Arrange for production workshops

We want to work with you and help ensure that you are successful from the very beginning.  You can trust in American Thermoform and Braillo – the only name in true braille production.